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McAbee offers decades of experience in providing industry with modularized construction. Its modular execution strategy produces considerable schedule compression by simultaneously executing site preparartions and anchor bolt construction while the process modules are being fabricated offsite.

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McAbee Construction has transformed heavy industrial concepts into modularized assemblies for More Than 40 Years, especially on larger scale capital projects at many of its industrial maintenance sites.

McAbee Construction also produces modular process units where many disciplines can be incorporated into a modular project. Mechanical assembly, heat tracing, insulation and electrical can all be brought together within a limited space while maximizing functionality.

Modular Advantage | The advantages of modular construction are many including increased productivity, shorter project schedules, lower costs, higher quality work, and a much safer work/construction environment. This innovative execution strategy produces constructability reviews using 3D modeling techniques, maintenance and operability studies prior to installation in the plant, minimized plant burdens with respect to process and construction safety, maximized opportunity for process review and schedule compression, process portability, minimized on-site real estate requirements, upgraded quality due to shop environment as opposed to on-site construction, and function verification prior to on-site installation.


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